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劍指暴政 守護香港






Man Man of Youngspiration was arrested at around midnight on 9 February. At the time of his arrest, large-scale clashes between the Police and members of the public had not yet broken out; therefore, the charge against him of taking part in a riot under Section 19 of the Public Order Ordinance (CAP 245) is downright ridiculous. Man Man and other Hongkongers are unreasonably turned into political prisoners, at which Youngspiration is extremely indignant. Again, we strongly condemn the Hong Kong Government for disregarding the anger of the people and for attempting to politically discredit the Hongkongers who simply stood up in support of the Mong Kok hawkers. We also deplore the Police’s actions in flaring up the conflicts, which led to even more serious clashes.

We shall now refrain from discussing the case details because legal proceedings are under way. Man Man pleads not guilty. We fully believe in his innocence and will definitely fight with him for justice.

Though Hongkongers might or might not agree with the other activists’ courses of action, Youngspiration maintains the stance that all activists who risk facing legal liabilities and even their lives in defending Hong Kong warrant our highest respect. We shall try our best to render them assistance wherever necessary.

With the gun fired, the Resistance in Hong Kong has proceeded to a new stage. This is a time when Hongkongers desperately need solidarity in turning their swords towards the tyranny. In 2016, the Year of the Monkey, we must rise with force and spirit. Whether struggling in the streets or in the Councils, we must do everything necessary in defending our one and only home – Hong Kong.