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This morning, Sixtus “Baggio” Leung and Wai-Ching Yau of Youngspiration, their assistants and a few volunteers, were arrested by the Hong Kong Police.

In this grave hour, Youngspiration wishes to send a message to all Hongkongers and all freedom-loving people in this world: Over and over again, Hongkongers have tried to find a peaceful way to achieve what was promised in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which is to achieve democratic autonomy in Hong Kong, but it has been in vain. If we have to use one word to describe actions of the PRC government and its puppet in Hong Kong, we would say: EVIL. Pure evil of authoritarianism, which persecutes every dissenting voice, is against all values that Hong Kong holds dear.

There maybe dark days ahead, there maybe more arrests and legal challenges, but we shall struggle against evil on the streets, in the courts, within the community, and on every media platform.

With God’s help, we shall prevail.