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日前,一名自稱Anthony Cheng的男子聯絡本組織,表示代表數個財團出面接洽,願意財政上資助青年新政。



近年每逢臨近選舉,無形之手總纏繞香港,青年新政早有所聞。然而作為後雨傘公民團體,我們旨在為香港殺出生路。儘管我們資源匱乏,但不代表錢財能買起我們的腰骨。在此奉勸Anthony Cheng和其「背後財團」,不用再耍小動作,意圖在選舉中攪局。




Money Cannot Corrupt Us

Youngspiration turned down an offer for financial support in exchange for our participation in specified constituencies in this year’s District Council election.

Youngspiration received earlier this week a note from a person who identified himself as Anthony Cheng and who claimed that he represented several syndicates that would like to provide financial support to Youngspiration.

Upon preliminary verification, it is noted that the financial support was to be offered on condition that Youngspiration “must run for the 2015 District Council election in constituencies assigned”. The list of such constituencies comprised dozens, including Lai Kok, Shek Yam and other constituencies not currently under the control of the pro-government camp. In return, HKD150,000 would be donated to us for our participation in the election of each constituency so assigned.

At the time of our establishment, Youngspiration already made it clear that we would accept no political donation with conditions. Therefore, we have already turned down the proposal mentioned above.

The “invisible hand” has been intervening in every election in Hong Kong in recent years, and Youngspiration has known it all along. As a post-Umbrella organisation founded by citizens, Youngspiration aims at fighting for the survival of Hong Kong. We will not be corrupted by bribes, even though we have limited resources. May we advise Anthony and the syndicates behind him to stop playing such tricks in the hope of inducing us to mess with the election.

We, Hong Kong citizens, vow to fight till the end. In the battlefield we shall meet again.