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【Youngspiration’s Statement about the Lunar New Year Fair Stall Issue】

Youngspiration received on 17 January (Tuesday) from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) a written notice stating that the stall in Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair we had successfully bade for would be taken back on the grounds that “products to be sold are believed to be promoting Hong Kong’s independence”. We had called FEHD many times to enquire about the matter, and were clearly informed by the authority that this was “a judgment based on estimation”, and was “decided by the Government, with FEHD a mere agent of execution”

Youngspiration originally planned to use the stall as a platform of consignment sales for local designers, and we have been actively liaising with various groups and individuals; a list of Lunar New Year products to be sold eventually does not exist in reality. The Government, however, dictated a decision before we had even finalised our merchandise list; such practice based solely on estimation is entirely different from what is considered to be in compliance with the rule of law and the common law by Hongkongers in general.

Youngspiration is deeply indignant at the Government’s entirely ungrounded suppressive action; by doing so, the Government is seeking to condemn an action yet to be performed, and to impose the evil Article 23 on Hong Kong without its having been enacted. We shall continue to fight for the right to use the stall, and shall disseminate the products through other channels if circumstances make it strictly necessary.